Flexibility and immediate employability of experienced professionals 

Elogisticsjob can take an even more active role and manage some of your projects in your place. There are two models for this:

Provision of professionals

We deploy our own professionals for a well-defined project, for a specific specialty or for a specific period. 

How do we proceed? We analyze your project, define your specific needs and the profiles you are looking for, based on this we select the most suitable candidates for your project and after your approval, these experienced professionals will start working in your company. When selecting the professionals, we pay particular attention to competences, relevant experience, their fit with your team and corporate culture and their rapid deployment. You do not have to worry about administration or personnel management, because Elogisticsjob bv retains the employer obligations of these employees and therefore provides guidance, training and guidance itself. 

Your advantage? We supply you immediately deployable professionals:     

  • From Ecommerce Inventory Planner to Demand Planner to Transport Planner.   
  • From ECOMMERCE Customer Service & Development Specialist to Service Delivery Officer.   
  • From ECOMMERCE Account Manager to Category Manager, from ECOMMERCE Buyer to Contract Manager to Vendor Manager.   
  • From ECOMMERCE Business Analyst to Supply Chain Analyst to Logistics Process Planner.   
  • From ECOMMERCE Master Data Manager to Web Developer to Solutions Designer.   
  • From ECOMMERCE IT (PROJECT) Manager to Supply Chain Technology Specialist to System Architect.   
  • From ECOMMERCE Logistics & Fulfillment Coordinator to Fulfillment / Distribution Center Manager.

Full management of your projects 

You also undoubtedly have projects that do not immediately belong to your core business, but that you cannot ignore. 

How do we proceed? We analyze the project and determine what Elogisticsjob can specifically take over from you. We always assume long-term partnerships, of course after a positive evaluation of our services in the start-up phase.