In the top 10 of the most vague professions is certainly ‘consultancy’. Because what does a consultant actually do? Simple: they support companies with knowledge and skills. Whether it concerns management, human resources, ICT or marketing. Many people only choose a career as an independent consultant after a rich career. Understandable: anyone who has built up years of expertise in a particular field has a lot of added value to offer. Are you considering taking the step? We help you with every step.


Together we'll find out which function and sector is ideal for you. We do this based on your experience, knowledge and education and start a market research.


What is your objective? 
Are you going to give trainings and workshops, or do you work in the organization at a predetermined hourly rate?


Do you start as a one-man business or in a company? Your income is usually the deciding factor: if you earn relatively much, then a company is more interesting. But there are other criteria, such as liability.


A good bookkeeper can not only worry you, but also save you a lot of money. We know several companies and self-employed people that are happy to talk to you without obligation.


Paper mill
Insurances, quotations, invoices, agreements... we have a lot of experience with this and are happy to give you advice.


The first months and even years can be very difficult as a starting consultant. That is why we offer the possibility to offer a direct payment. Concretely, this means that max, 3 days after you give us the invoice and timesheet, we execute the payment.


How are you going to attract customers? 
This part we take care of completely!